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Longhu Tianju Sales Office Tel:400-688-7028Shanghai Minhang Longhu Tianju Sales Office Tel:400-688-7028Shanghai South Science and Technology Center core bearing area


With about 92,000 square large shopping center Longhu Sky Street


Zero distance 30,000 square club and 220,000 square Kechuang Park


Longhu Tianju (Tianju Residence)


Building surface about 419-439㎡ townhouse


Three floors above ground, two floors below ground, gift garden 30-90 level


The average price is 63,000 /m², the total price is 24.8 million!

均价6.3万/m² 、总价2480万起!

No limit to purchase, no limit to loans hot sales

不限购、不限贷 火热销售中

Longhu Tianju Sales Office Tel: 400-688-7028 Shanghai Minhang Longhu Tianju Sales Office Tel: 400-688-7028


龙湖天钜官方电话:400-688-7028 上海闵行龙湖天钜售楼处电话:400-688-7028


With about 92,000 square large shopping center Longhu Sky Street


Zero distance 30,000 square club and 220,000 square Kechuang Park


Building surface: 419 ~ 439㎡ townhouse


Three floors above ground and two floors below ground complimentary garden 30-90 level

地上三层 地下两层 赠送花园30-90平

The total price from 20 million to meet your villa dream

总价2000万起 满足您的别墅梦

Commercial nature no limit on purchases and loans

商办性质 不限购 不限贷

Sales office online hot booking


龙湖天钜官方电话:400-688-7028 上海闵行龙湖天钜售楼处电话:400-688-7028

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Basic project information


Developer: Longfor Properties


Area: Shanghai South Science and Technology Innovation Center


Property Company: Longfor Property


Property fee: 9.5 yuan/month /㎡


Down payment ratio: Full payment


Greening rate: 35%


Building height: three floors above ground, two floors underground


Total volume: Add 18 sets


Product type: Townhouse


Type of house: Commercial


Apartment size: about 419-439 square meters


Garden area: From 25 square meters


Total price: about 20 million ~ 28.8 million


Delivery date: June 2023


Delivery standard: blank or hardbound optional


Longhu Tianju Sales Office Tel:400-688-7028 Shanghai Minhang Longhu Tianju Sales Office Tel:400-688-7028


Please be sure to call in advance to make an appointment and register

案场限流 看房请务必提前来电预约登记



Strict control of low-density scientific layout, with a broad vision of heaven and land, Longhu five-dimensional Garden classic fine 5D garden landscape to create a Silicon Valley garden ecological office situation, will greatly enhance the business image of the enterprises.


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(Effect picture)


龙湖天钜官方电话:400-688-7028 上海闵行龙湖天钜售楼处电话:400-688-7028项目位于闵行南板块剑川路核心商务区,徐汇南板块,剑川路核心商务区,紫竹创新创业走廊核心地,区域坐拥两大国家级的产业园区闵行经济开发区和紫竹高新技术开发区;

Among them, Minhang Development Zone is dominated by mechanical and electrical industry, and Zizhu High-Tech Zone is supported by aviation, software technology and new energy. The annual gross production value of the two parks is nearly 200 billion yuan, which is an important support for the sustainable development of Xuhuinan.


【 Longfor · Tianju 】 The TOD model commercial complex is built by Longfor Real Estate, with a total construction area of about 350,000 square meters.


Set large shopping malls, Guanyu apartments, star hotels, commercial townhouses, Grade A office buildings, Shanghai Longhu Tianju belongs to the Longhu Tianzi series, from architectural design materials to landscape layout, are unified in accordance with high quality.


The commercial flat floor has 12 layers, of which 1-2 layers are special layers, 3-12 layers are standard layers, and the whole layer is 960 level.


Office row modern simple style (three floors above ground and two floors below ground) facade is all dry hanging stone - Portuguese beige stone.

办公联排现代简约风格(地上三层 地下两层)外立面为全干挂石材——葡萄牙米黄石材。

In the sale of commercial townhouse 40 years of property rights, 7 meters wide, garden 20-75 square meters, apartment area 419-439 square meters, the total price of blank 20 million, hardcover delivery 23.8 million.


Enjoy rare assets, headquarters office, business hall, high-end clubs, etc., worth permanent collection


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A small number of building surface 419 ~ 439 square meters of commercial row and office row have days, land, gardens and terraces with an average price of 46,000 /㎡ total price of 20-22 million commercial flat floor about 10700 square meters of the whole building offer 420 million talk

少量建面419~439㎡商业联排及办公联排有天有地有花园 有露台均价4.6万/㎡ 总价2000-2200万商业大平层约10700㎡ 整栋报价4.2亿谈

Longhu Tianju Sales Office Tel: 400-688-7028 Shanghai Minhang Longhu Tianju Sales Office Tel:400-688-7028 online booking!


Scan below QR code model room half a day in advance booking only booking customers can physical visit!


Longhu Tianju Sales Office Tel: 400-688-7028 Shanghai Minhang Longhu Tianju Sales Office Tel:


400-688-7028 Many science and innovation parks have settled in Minhang Maqiao, and science and innovation parks such as Artificial Intelligence Future Town, Minhang Innovation and Entrepreneurship Corridor, Zizhu High-tech Zone, as well as 985 universities such as Shanghai Jiaotong University, China Normal University, Microsoft, Intel, GE and other global 500 enterprises have gathered high-end talents.

400-688-7028 众多科创园区落户闵行马桥,人工智能未来小镇、闵行创新创业走廊、紫竹高新区等科创园区,以及上海交大、华师大等985高校、微软、英特尔、通用等全球500强企业,高端人才集聚。

With the help of planning dividend, Minhang Maqiao is bound to produce a strong talent siphon effect, with the mass influx of population, the area will become a new hot land of Shanghai property.


2. Longhu Tianlang "cross-border business" concept


Townhouses, malls, rental apartments


[Longhu Tianlang] put forward the concept of "cross-border business", planning garden rows, shopping malls, rental apartments, comprehensively solving the traffic, time and daily life problems of office workers far from home, and focusing on creating a freer and more elegant communication space for business people.


Longhu Tianyu sales Office Tel: 400-688-7028 Shanghai Minhang Longhu Tianyu sales office Tel: 400-688-7028 In product design, the overall design of the project park is new Asianism style, the use of flat-top straight wall, minimalist white architectural language, a good show of the degree of virtual and solid, simple, generous and decent garden-style office building character.

龙湖天钜售楼处电话:400-688-7028 上海闵行龙湖天钜售楼处电话:400-688-7028 在产品设计上,项目园区整体设计为新亚洲主义风格,采用平顶直墙,极简留白的建筑语言,很好的展现出虚实有度,删繁就简,大方得体的花园式办公建筑性格。

In terms of stone, the use of German gold sand, close-sewn crabapple corner, implicit grid expression, implies the shape of the traditional southern window lattice track.


The outline of details, the exquisite aluminum plates, the prehistoric memory of Liangzhu Neolithic linear culture.


The project pays attention to the concept of "landscape", fully integrates into the Longji culture, and realizes the perfect integration of classic proportion and modern style between the commercial street and the garden office area, creating a five-dimensional landscape for business people and making business life ecological.


At the same time, the western classical decorative style is implanted into the modern architecture family, so that the traditional artistic conception and modern style are integrated with each other, creating a modern architectural landscape with profound cultural heritage.







Transportation support: The direct distance from the project to Huining Road station of Line 5 is 1.5KM.


New Line 15 (expected to be officially opened to traffic in 19 years), Line 23 two important rail transit;


In terms of self-drive, it is mainly the Jianchuan Road beside the project, Shenjiahu Expressway (40 minutes directly to Pudong International Airport), Hongmei South Road Viaduct (30 minutes to connect to the city center), Hujin Expressway, Humin Road, Jiamin Viaduct (25 minutes directly to Hongqiao transportation hub).


Commercial support:


【 Shanghai Minhang Longhu Tianjie 】 Longhu Tianjie commercial area of about 92,000 square meters, positioning "enjoy time, slow life", Longhu 17 commercial transportation capacity, will meet your future work and life needs, while good business support is also your future value protection


Surrounding business positioning collection of fashion clothing, fashion boutique, sports and leisure, diversified characteristics of popular food, children's education and training experience, life service experience integration of large-scale one-stop business


Educational resources: Shanghai Jiao Tong University, China Normal University, Fudan Vanke, Maqiao Brunei, Dulwich British International School Shanghai, Dehong School Shanghai, Stavinson International High School Shanghai, the surrounding top educational resources gathered



[Yangyun Anaman] The most expensive hotel in China, only 4 in the country


【 Qizhong Tennis Center 】 Asia's largest ATP1000 tennis court


【 Qi Zhong Golf Club 】 18-hole Par 72 International Championship venue


Medical facilities: The Fifth People's Hospital Affiliated to Fudan University, Minhang Central Hospital Affiliated to Fudan University (Grade III), South Hospital Affiliated to Ruijin Hospital of Jiaotong University (under planning)



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