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The three different elements of this typology are connected by brick ‘boxes’ with flat roofs – the second typology. The fitness center and spa are located in a separate building creating a fourth entity that encloses a perfectly symmetrical patio with atranquil water feature that provides significant privacy. Extending from the water feature, a protruding window provides a glimpse into the gym and showcases the wonderful views at the front of the building. The shape of the building and its large windows provide panoramic views over the surroundingg olf course. In contrast to these large windows, the windows looking out towards the patio are intended to create more intimacy.

Amsterdam Apartment


Piet Boon工作室将触觉层和画廊式的美学结合在这间位于阿姆斯特丹中心的大公寓里。这个宽敞的250平方米的公寓俯瞰着繁忙的码头和迷人的老城阿姆斯特丹,是设计师和客户密切合作的结果。通过一系列相互关联的空间,强调分层材料和客户艺术品的指定画廊空间,这座阿姆斯特丹住宅重新定义了荷兰首都的豪华生活。

Studio Piet Booncombine tactile layers and a gallery-like aesthetic inside this grand apartmentin the heart of Amsterdam. Overlooking the busy wharf on one side and the charming old city of Amsterdam on the other, this spacious 250㎡ apartment isthe result of close collaboration between designer and client. Through a series of interconnected spaces, emphasis on layered materials and a designated gallery space for the clients’ artwork, this Amsterdam home redefines luxurious living in the Netherlands’ capital.

进入室内后,展示出一个画廊般的空间,将客户珍爱的艺术品放在基座上。青铜钢框架门强调了整个奢华感,连接公共空间而不影响光线流动。真正令人愉悦的是,开放式的客厅,厨房和餐厅是可见的,并且处于远离私人区域的最佳位置。豪华的厨房展示了一个醒目的纹理灰色石材台式和地板,区别于餐厅和起居区。Lindsey Adelman设计的枝形泡泡灯,从邻近的生活空间过渡过来,照亮了用木炭制成的餐桌。

Upon entry, the interiors unfold to reveal a gallery-like space, placing the client’s treasure dartwork on a pedestal. Bronze steel-framed doors emphasise the heightened feeling of luxury throughout and connect the communal spaces without compromising on light flow. A true entertainer’s delight, the open-plan living, kitchen and dining room are visible immediately entering the home, optimally positioned away from the private areas. The opulent kitchen showcases a striking veined grey stone bench top and flooring, distinguishing it from the dining and living area. Transitioning fromthe adjacent living spaces, Lindsey Adelman’s Branching Bubble Light illuminates the charcoal timber dining table.

Amsterdam Residence


位于阿姆斯特丹一处20世纪备受赞誉的最新住宅,由当地设计工作室Piet Boon设计,以其灵感迸发的多学科设计作品而享誉国际。

The latest andacclaimed 20th-century home in Amsterdam, designed by local design studio PietBoon, is internationally renowned for its inspired multidisciplinary designs.

Amsterdam Residence隐藏在在阿姆斯特丹市中心的一条枝叶茂密的死胡同里,这栋现有建筑的骨架已经为一位创意客户让出了一个隐蔽的露台。它展示了Piet Boon对优质、永恒设计的追求,完美地阐释客户个性的住宅。

Hidden in a leafycul-de-sac in the center of Amsterdam, the skeleton of the existing building has given way to a hidden terrace for a creative client. It demonstrates PietBoon's commitment to quality, timeless design, and perfectly illustrates the client's individual home.

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